Tuesday, December 05, 2006

You have been invited to contribute to Åsagåsaklinga's blog

The Blogger user Åsagåsaklinga has invited you to contribute to the private blog: Åsas blogg.

To contribute to this blog, visit:

You will need to sign in with a Google Account to confirm the invitation and start posting to this blog. If you do not have a Google Account yet, we will show you how to get one in minutes.

If you are already a Blogger user, please note that this blog uses the new version of Blogger, currently in beta. To post to Åsagåsaklinga's blog, you will access this new version with a Google account, instead of your Blogger account. You will see a separate dashboard that does not include your current blogs, but you shall have the opportunity to move them over to the new version of Blogger at a later date.

To learn more about Blogger and starting your own free blog visit http://beta.blogger.com.


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